Forced Air Dryer

Working without a budget on par with an institution I have to improvise with almost everything. I made a forced air dryer with a narrow box that is perfectly sized to hold a plant press. I mounted a slotted metal false bottom in the box to hold the press. I use a hair dryer to supply hot air through a hole below the metal shelf. I put the plant press in the dryer with the corrugations of the dryer separators running up and down so the warm air passes through them to heat each plant evenly. I leave the press in the hot air dryer for 8 hours or so and have beautifully dried and pressed specimens. All for very little cost.

Parts needed to construct the forced air dryer:

1. One box of suitable size and shape, it would not need to fit as well as this one.

2. A metal strip to form the false bottom of the dryer chamber above the space for the hair dryer. The false bottom must have holes or slots in it to allow air to flow up through the corrugations of the separator cardboard in the plant press.

3. One hair dryer